January 31, 2010

Let The Riot Begin

Last night as I sat upon the shoulders of a crazed soccer fan taking pictures in the streets of Cairo I wondered to myself what it would take to get Americans as excited about ANYTHING as this whole nation was about a game. Egypt beat Ghana (1-0) to take the African Cup of Nations. The streets filled up minutes after and a jubilant riot of sorts erupted till they were interrupted by the prayer call at dawn.

Being tossed among the crowed I thought of the celebration that will ensue when the whole world is transformed by love and the Lamb returns. If it's anything like this, then surely I want to be a part of it. In fact I want it to come now in all it's jubilant splendor.

As the night and celebration pushed on, I then back in our dreary hotel room shutting my eyes and drifting to sleep, explosions filled the air. After each one the loudest cheers filled the air. I smiled and imagined a day to come when people will shout for more than a game. When love itself will rear such an outcry of support, such a shout that the whole earth will tremble. When the only violence possessing the hearts of men will be a "violence of love".

So what are we waiting for. LET THE RIOT BEGIN.

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