April 15, 2008

The Great Symphony

.oh come great composer.

Kona is a place of Symphony where so many elements {much like strings} come together evolving into a beautiful orchestration. I awake in the morning to see the Pacific in the west and the volcanic blackened mountains to the east; lending evidence of God's sheer "jaw dropping" power peripherally.
.the photogenX crew.

PhotogenX is well underway with it's lecture and preparation phase. There are 30+ of us comprised of men and women from Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Switzerland, Brazil, The UK, Germany, South Korea, & The United States ranging in age from 18 to 50+ from all walks of life. We represent only one of 4 projects currently working through The University of the Nations & YWAM here in Kona, Hawaii. Currently there are around 300 people on campus from 42 nations representing basically every Christian Denomination on the planet. We converge to use ART as a catalyst for change, to bring hope and the Gospel to those whom we have forsaken, and to stand in unity to show the world another way is possible.

.another world is possible.

Everything is changing. Living in community dose that to you. You have no choice but to tear down your walls to see the world in a different light. Try to enter into worship with such diversity, while holding reservation in ones heart, and you will see how quickly walls must come down. I guess thats the power of the Church in it's truest sense {as God intended}; no division, no boarders, just LOVE. I'm getting there {it's personal}...

GRACE - Pololu Valley, Hawaii

This past weekend all of PhotogenX went out to Pololu Valley on the Northern Coast of the Island near Makapala. It was a time to be alone with God and to continue to grow as a community. For those {probably all} of you who haven't been to Pololu Valley it is probably the most beautiful place on planet earth. The opening scene of Jurassic Park was shot there, yet even though I searched rigorously I found no Dinosaurs. I did however find a Wife! Diane and I got engaged this past weekend standing atop the 400 foot cliffs leading into the valley bellow {i.e. in the Parking Lot the minute we stepped out of the car at the rim of the Valley}. I had intended to wait another month or so, but God's timing defies the logic of men. We turned the corner into the valley and I knew I wouldn't make it through the weekend without asking Her. I didn't make it 10 minutes actually! But we are so exited for this...

We're tentatively planning on getting married June 6th (yep thats like 6 weeks from now). I will keep everyone up to date on plans and so forth. Please keep us in your prayers as we just added yet another major life change into the mix! When The Lamb dose "life surgery" it's most often a Triple Bypass of sorts. Grace.

I hope you enjoy the first installment of pictures here. Most of them are work from shoots around the Kona area...