January 11, 2009


{The Journey Continues 2009}

January 9, 2009

War Tax Resistance.

Well as most of you probably know Tax Season is just around the corner once more, and for those of you who are like me, you've already begun the debate of morality in your brain once again. We all understand that around 54% of our tax dollars go directly to military spending that furthers the escalation of violence and murder all around the world. So as a believer in Christ - the everlasting Prince of Peace - how can I contribute to such atrocities? On and on our questions go...

I don't really have the time or energy to put forth a long theological stance on why Christians need to resist paying war taxes (you could easily find far more knowledgeable & coherent people writing on the subject anyway), nor do I have the stamina at the moment to go over the many many historical statements presented by both the Institutional and Free Churches (both historical Peace Churches & Mainline Churches alike - but I'll post a link bellow), instead I just thought I would share a resource or two I have used in the past that can get any of you other subversivites {made that word up} or curious conspirators on your way this year.

Here is a link to one of the most conclusive "guide to war tax resistance" websites around. It will help you decide how "daring" you want to be this year as well as talk you step by step both through the process as well as make very clear the possible legal repercussions for resisting paying these taxes - {http://wartaxboycott.org/gettingstarted.htm}

Personally all I can say is that there is peace in knowing that the money I worked hard for in 2008 is NOT going to a barrage of missile strikes on Palestinian children. In fact my actions are actually taking away for it. And just think, if enough people decided they weren't going to just sit by, if enough people were willing to go to prison, and if enough Christians took up their cross and followed the path to Golgotha (or perhaps Gaza) and were willing to stand someplace between the end of the gun and heart of the oppressed...perhaps then we might just earn the title of peace makers & perhaps then the lion would lay down with the Lamb...


p.s. - Here is a link to Church proposed war tax resistance statements, lets not forget this is no new idea or practice for believers living within the empire - {http://www.jesusradicals.com/library/taxes/wartaxes.html}

p.s.s. - War tax resistance is an act of conscience, of civil disobedience. This campaign is about refusal to pay for war, not promoting tax evasion or challenging the constitutionality of taxation or war taxes.