August 29, 2009

The End of the Beginning

So it´s very hard for us to put into words these last two months.
Where we have been...what we have we are doing...where we
are heading. It´s amazing how fast time moves. Yet one thing we can
indeed say is that our God, who
persistently loves us, has walked with
us, hand in hand, this whole way...His perfect hope has been in us and
His presence all around.
What a beautiful God we serve...

We are learning that leading a team of 20 some people around the world
(both practically as well as spiritually) is no simple thing. It takes
a consistent capacity to give and give and give. We need more love to
overflow. Sometimes we make mistakes, but grace seems to always be
with us to lead us back to
a path of hope. And it´s such a blessing to
serve together as a couple. The more we push forward in this life of
missions the more we can see what a privilege it is to live life this
way. We may not have a proper wedding bed or a home, in fact we may
have actually lived in
21 different ¨rooms¨ - in 10 countries - in
14 months of marriage...but we know the will of our Father and
feel His peace. Home is in His hands.

Our little community of
¨hopeful vagabonds¨ has learned a lot during
our time in Panama. It´s been a crazy couple months of faith lived in
love for those cast to the edges of this concrete (and sometimes
actual) jungle. We are learning what it will take to actually be a
community of faith and hope. A people set apart for the sake of the
Gospel. A community setting out to transform other communities with

We have been involved in a lot over these short two months. I´ll list
a recap, not because I typically prefer listing much of anything, but
simply because when I think about the depth God has moved here it
blows me away...

- Together we have -

- Lived together ( 39 of us!) in a tiny Church in Gamboa, Panama.
- Walked the streets of Panama City sharing love with the poor, the
needy, the prostitute.
- Visited clinics to pray for prostitutes and minister to their broken hearts.
- Trekked to the far reaches of this country to share the love of
Christ in tiny mountain villages of the remote Ngobe people.
(By the way we made a mini documentary about our time with the Ngobe.
Its currently up on Facebook, so if we are friends on FB check my page
to view it)
- We started a Church, Cultural Heritage Center, Primary School and
YWAM base on 15 acres of land on the top of a mountain in a remote
mountain village.
- Joined a medical team and saw over 2,000 people in just three days receive treatment and prayer.
- Made lots and lots of friends.
- Baked brownies to demonstrate the simple love of Christ for the
Smithsonian Scientists who also call this part of Panama ¨home¨.
- We slept in Orphanages; played, bathed, and fell in love with a
zillion kids and felt provoked to respond.
- We made a 128 page book about Orphans Rights Issues in Panama for
Hearts Cry Ministry! It was printed TODAY! Matt & Misty from Hearts
Cry now have a meeting set up to share the book with the Government
and further their proposed changes to the Orphan-Adoption System...

I know it just sounds like a bunch of random moments...maybe because
in reality they really were.
But every moment is full of PEOPLE.
Indigenous communities afflicted with HIV getting treatment and being
empowered to hold onto their languages. Kids getting hugs and laughing
for a few hours as a lost glimmer of hope sparkles in their once
again. Women downcast by poverty who resort to selling themselves to
feed their kids listened to, prayed for and given shoulders to lean on.
How can we share these experiences of love with you all? You are all a
part of this journey! Your prayers and financial support carry us. We
can´t say thank you enough...perhaps thats why every update we ever

We really mean it.

Tomorrow morning we fly back to the US Mainland for a few weeks of
sharing and family time. We will be in Michigan from Aug 27th - Sep
4th & New Jersey from Sep 6th - 10th. Many of the days are filled with
meetings and speaking engagements, but if you would love to get
together for lunch or just some fellowship while we are around we
would love to. Our main purpose in coming back to the states for these
few weeks is to try and raise the remaining support we need for the
coming year. We currently need another $1,200 of monthly support in
order to continue this work. We shall head on to South Africa
September 11th regardless of where we are financially towards this

This is only the end of the beginning. The next year will hold much of
the same as our community continues on in
hope and love. South Africa,
Egypt, Sudan, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Germany, India, Asia (and
many more in between) here we come with open arms. Christ be

- Pray for this book we are leaving behind with Hearts Cry. Pray that
it can bring some heart back to the issue of Orphans in Panama.
- Pray for all the people we have come in contact with while in
Panama. Pray they would come to know Christ and hold fast top His
redeeming love.
- Pray for our financial need. That the right individuals, families,
congregations and communities would partner with us.

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Kimburley said...

PRAYING! (for all of those needs!)
and before I forget.. do you know the exact website we would have to go to to apply for photogenx/ywam? I'm kind of confused. Do we apply to one or both?