July 1, 2009

Join in the Jubilee (updated again)

WE DID IT!!! - Updated July 23rd!
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So here is the game. Diane & I currently live in Gambo, Panama on the floor of a church office along with the rest of our vagabond PhotogenX Team whom we are leading clear around God's Green Earth. Last Friday on the very first day into our journey, our laptop-backpack was stolen from us at the Panama City Airport. Beyond anything, our present circumstance has made us even more aware and determined to see life brought back into the darkness. Our hearts go out to the people of Panama who are so desperately marginalized by the advancing world around them that they steep to becoming criminals of survival. So in many ways our stolen laptop confirms the absolute NEED for journeys like our own and for missions of justice and reconciliation. It has given Diane & I a lot more fire for what we are doing!

So amazingly in just the past two days, with only a few quick e-mails we have been given $436 towards a replacement of our stolen laptop. In all reality it's basically impossible for us to work on our coming projects without one. So the outpour of love from many of you has been amazing. In just two short weeks we will be leading our team far far away into a distant indigenous village working along side a medical team. These people have been pushed decade after decade further and further from their original homeland and now live in the most desperate of conditions. Many of the children are malnourished and most families live side by side in tinny makeshift huts. Incredibly most Panamanians from the city probably don't even know these people exist! So we will be going with our cameras to tell their stories and give them a voice!

Once we return from this village (on July 17th) we will begin working on creating awareness tools, as well as starting on a number of other very practical projects. OUR GREATEST HOPE IS TO BUY A REPLACEMENT LAPTOP BY THE TIME WE RETURN TO PANAMA CITY. Bellow & Above I will keep a running tally of the donated amount and the remaining amount needed to buy a replacement (which is around $1,400 USD). We ask you to intercied for us. If you can give and feel lead to great! Perhaps also you might feel lead to simply share with your friends or church about what we are doing and our need, that would also be great. Perhaps your church or youth-group of bridge club would care to take up a donation or have bake sale, this is also great. Get the word out, as we are far away in the jungle and now need you in turn to give us a voice!

WE DID IT!!! - Updated July 23rd!

We love you so much and again and again are reminded of how incredible it is to belong to the Community of God.

(love reconciles all)

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